Friday, April 14, 2017


This is a classic romantic comedy with two people meant for each other and with sly villains all creating a whirlwind in wild Montana. There is the devastatingly attractive Wall Street honcho, Wallace MacGregor, who wants everything money can buy, and one thing money can't- Lynda Bolton. But he's ruthless enough to do anything to get her. Then there's Shawnee, Lynda's celebrity client and her proudest achievement, a rags to riches model from Texas, or is she? Lynda's law firm helps her keep the Wall Street investing firm she inherited from Wallace's father, her sugar daddy husband.

Except it turns out, Shawnee's not quite as self made as she claims. There are many reasons why everyone warned Lynda about rich, beautiful, generous Shawnee. Can one person ruin your life? Yes, if they are a big time celebrity model with no morals and money to burn. Life is a learning experience for Lynda, and she has to go to the wilds of Montana to find out just how it all really works. Oh, boy does she!

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