Thursday, April 13, 2017

Romance is Fun and Fascinating

I wrote this book because romance fascinates me, and I think it's one of the big important things in the world. I'm sure there are other big important things, like duty, honor, patriotism, religious feeling, parental love, and more. But romantic love is right up there with all the biggies, no matter how people scoff. Poor them. I also think romance is learned, and has to be fun, which is a lot harder than most people realize. Having fun, really having fun, is an underrated talent. But I think this book is about the fun and the delightful sexiness of romance, its sweet heartache, its joys and triumphs. Writing it was the most fun I've ever had. And I think America is the most romantic country in the world. We're all about falling in love and living life as an adventure.

Click on the picture of my book, top right, be taken to Amazon to purchase your copy of big fun. You won't be sorry. Read the first three chapters below, to give you a tease.

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