Friday, April 14, 2017


This is a classic romantic comedy with two people meant for each other and with sly villains all creating a whirlwind in wild Montana. There is the devastatingly attractive Wall Street honcho, Wallace MacGregor, who wants everything money can buy, and one thing money can't- Lynda Bolton. But he's ruthless enough to do anything to get her. Then there's Shawnee, Lynda's celebrity client and her proudest achievement, a rags to riches model from Texas, or is she? Lynda's law firm helps her keep the Wall Street investing firm she inherited from Wallace's father, her sugar daddy husband.

Except it turns out, Shawnee's not quite as self made as she claims. There are many reasons why everyone warned Lynda about rich, beautiful, generous Shawnee. Can one person ruin your life? Yes, if they are a big time celebrity model with no morals and money to burn. Life is a learning experience for Lynda, and she has to go to the wilds of Montana to find out just how it all really works. Oh, boy does she!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Romance is Fun and Fascinating

I wrote this book because romance fascinates me, and I think it's one of the big important things in the world. I'm sure there are other big important things, like duty, honor, patriotism, religious feeling, parental love, and more. But romantic love is right up there with all the biggies, no matter how people scoff. Poor them. I also think romance is learned, and has to be fun, which is a lot harder than most people realize. Having fun, really having fun, is an underrated talent. But I think this book is about the fun and the delightful sexiness of romance, its sweet heartache, its joys and triumphs. Writing it was the most fun I've ever had. And I think America is the most romantic country in the world. We're all about falling in love and living life as an adventure.

Click on the picture of my book, top right, be taken to Amazon to purchase your copy of big fun. You won't be sorry. Read the first three chapters below, to give you a tease.


I think The Last Best Place is my attempt to stand feminism on its head and see what happens. I am all for feminism as regards women having the vote and being considered equal to men. But I wanted to have some fun with the twists and turns of feminism and femininity. There are four major female characters in the book, and I love them all. And they are all based on real women, pieces put together in different ways of women I have known.

Lynda, the heroine, is a bit of the Diana the huntress type, out there taking on all comers, including men and beating the pants off them. But there are other ways to have fun with men.

Shawnee is Venus, every bit as tricky and sly as the Goddess herself. And since this isn’t ancient Greece, we can say that old Venus was a tad on the self absorbed side and given to delusions of grandeur, just like Shawnee.

Titian Venus di Urbino

Rhonda is Terpsichore Goddess of Music and Dance, a muse to all the men in her life, and a romantic diva who wants it all: Love that knocks you off your feet, the huge diamond, swooning, and stylish New York wedding to die for, a classy wedding for a forty year old first time bride.

Dottie is the Earth Mother who’s actually never been a mother, but she’s one of those sensible, loving women who mothers everyone, subtly and with great love and understanding.

Of course a novel that is going to stand feminism on its head HAS to take place in Montana, the last bastion of manly men. And all the women try their luck at conquering the ultimate woman, Mother Nature.

All the women are affected by their encounters with each other and with Montana. I guess we’re all our truest selves when the chips are down and civilization is out of reach leaving us at the mercy of NATURE! Whoa, watch out. But that’s the fun of the book, I think. Each character’s adventures pummel them until they wake up and smell the coffee and the bacon on the campfire. Life is good in Montana. There are four weddings and blizzard. 

And there are also four masculine characters, who I also love. I will tell you about them in my next post.